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Thread: What would you do with an extra +126whp on the FP Black? Ask Angel!

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    What would you do with an extra +126whp on the FP Black? Ask Angel!

    Converting a Evo IX turbo to a FP Black seems to be a popular upgrade these days with pricing under $2000 for a bolt on turbo requiring no aftermarket manifold, reusing stock oil feed and drain lines, coolant in and coolant out. With our direction, we advised Angel that it would be an efficient use of funds for his 2006 Evo IX MR 6sp CT9A. Already equipped with our dual map switching ECU tuning with a map for pump 93 and a map for 110 octane racefuel, he wanted to take it up a notch with our TTP twin pump fuel system upgrade and Ethamax 1250cc injectors for his FP Black turbo. We also swapped out the manual boost controller in favor of TTP's ECU controlled boost mapping thanks to patches from David Shirley from NZ.

    With the turbo installed, our twin pumps added to the mix along with our fuel injector upgrade, we were ready to test out this Black and see what she'd do for us. Equipped with an INJEN intake and pipes system, Megan Racing turboback exhaust, TTP O2 housing, Kelford TX272 camshafts for EvoIX, stock springs and retainers, it was time to test it out on 93 and E85. With little fuel in the tank we were able to get the pump map done quickly as we have tuned many Reds and Blacks on V7 bigmaps and have a solid foundation of maps established which speeds up the tuning process. Once we drained the remaining drops of 93 from the tank, we moved onto 5 gal of E85 (which I personally would always like to see a full tank follow a fuel swap so that as close to the target 85% ethanol content could be achieved). With the new fuel added and boost, timing, AFR, injector scaling all modified and adjusted to optimum targets, the previous racefuel mapping on 93 octane, stock turbo 350whp/361tq on stock IX turbo @ 1.00%CF was trumped by the newly founded 126whp gains to 476whp/400tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected dyno numbers.

    Checking in on his car and tune via text message returned a response that it drives great, but that he is scared of it now so he is taking it easy for a while as we had just replaced an ACD transfercase for him last month that he broke from racing at Lakeland Speedway. You have to pay to play and if you are racing, you are breaking things.

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    Re: What would you do with an extra +126whp on the FP Black? Ask Angel!

    remember watching it come in on the trailer. Broken transfer case and a new turbo later. Fast turn around time. Great job, love his Evo. Inspirational. Good work Scott!
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