Pop brought his 2006 Evo IX into us just as he picked it up. With a downpipe, aftermarket catalytic converter and catback exhaust system already installed.
He wanted to get the car to our equivalent of a Stage I package so we opted to change out a number of parts to bring him up to speed.

We changed our the factory intake in favor of an INJEN intake kit of the polished aluminum variety. Fueling was supplied by an intank walbro to stock injectors. The bov was swapped in for a Forge Evo15 valve made from billet aluminum. Boost was controlled via Forge UNOS manual controller and Pop also opted for a Prosport 52mm premium peak/hold boost gauge to be able to read his boost level.

Baselining the car with the newly installed parts along with his turboback exhaust and cat converter, he put down 285whp/256tq. With the TTP-Engineering custom tuning done and tune optimized on the dyno his final numbers were 328whp with 327wtq, gains of +43whp and +71tq while improving driveability and fuel economy while not in boost.