We have been working with Alfred's 2003 Lancer Evolution for some time now. Last leaving him off on stock camshafts on the FP Red turbocharger with dual maps for pumpgas 93 and E85 ethanol fueling. The car put down an excellent 464whp/446tq @ 1.00% CF uncorrected on the Mustang Dyno AWD.

This time around he wanted to make some changes to the setup. He was able to snatch up a stock IX turbo and send it in to FP for the upgrade to the FPBlack instead for that extra boost in CFM over the red. He also employed us to install some Supertech springs and retainers for his head to complement the new Kelford TX272 camshafts for Evo VIII. At this time he decided while in the head, to have us add the extra measure of ARP head stud fasteners to keep the head and block clamped together tightly at high boost pressures.

With the newly installed parts and on E85 with the FPBlack and Kelford TX272 camshafts, the car gained a sizeable +57whp and +26tq without a substantial loss in spoolup, landing the final numbers on the Forge MBC soft spring at 522whp/473tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected on the MD-AWD-500 dyno while retaining the stock motor.

A short test drive on the street has the car breaking all 4 tires loose on spoolup while driving straight. In contrast, we have another full weight car trapping 131mph on 482whp @ 1.00% CF uncorrected so this car should run pretty hard in comparison.