New to the Evo scene, Eric just picked up his 2003 Lancer Evo VIII from another evom member, keeping it in the family. The car came in with secondhand meth injection kit and some other various parts rather than play the guessing game with someone's potential inherited problems, our plan of attack was to upgrade the injectors to support the FPRed 64mm cover turbo on both pumpgas 93 as well as a simple yet reliable 110octane tune at high boost.

Eric brought to the table a set of horrendous looking maps in his ECU not fit for your worst enemies Civic. The car came in with meth injection, yet we disabled it in favor for racefuel and no surprises. The car came in with 64mm cover FPRed, with HKS 280/280 bumpsticks, ported stock exhaust manifold, 3" turbo back exhaust and walbro intank fuel pump. The intake was less than perfect with a smallish K&N cone on what appeared to be an AEM intake pipe. The FMIC was a generic ebay 3.5" core with upgraded silicone couplers which surprisingly held together well.

Anyhow, we swapped out the injectors in favor for our TTP 1045cc units to supply fuel enough for the FPRed on 93 and 110oct. We have been tuning a many bigmap V7 roms with map switching these days so a base to start with came early on. The intake proved a big problematic with its small size and high frequency transmitted to the karman vortex MAF meter which jumped up the MAF reading early on in spoolup. We got it ironed out to the best of the setup's ability and at 30.5psi on 93 octane the car put down 425whp/375tq @ uncorrected 1.00%CF. With the maps switch into kill mode and 93 octane swapped in favor of 110oct leaded fuel, we were able to increase boost and get more aggressive with our tuning to the sound of 473whp/453tq @ uncorrected 1.00%CF @ 37psi tapering down to 30psi near redline in 4th gear.