Sadly Jeff suffers from a disease many of our best clients share with him. The disease is called not enough. This disease has been plaguing racers ever since engines were invented. It fuels the fire within any racer to move forward and keep improving. Ever since we've known Jeff he is always been driven to improve both the performance of his vehicle as well as his driving skills.

It seemed like just yesterday that we were tuning Jeff's Forced Performance Black Turbo. Frankly it almost was ha ha. Although Jeff was happy with the results of the performance of his FP black and the tuning by pro ECU tuner Scott Davis, the combination of parts and turbo was just not enough to satisfy his thirst for high performance.

In Jeff's mind he has a goal. His goal is to reach 10 second quarter mile elapsed time. With this goal in mind Jeff needs enough horsepower to propel him to this trap speeds he needs to accomplish his goal while making up for the deficiency in his inexpensive single disc ACT street disc clutch system as well as less than professional race car driver skills lol.

You can have all the power of the world but if you can't get it to the ground with the right parts and driving skills and you're really going to have an uphill battle. With that said our goal was to create enough horsepower to overcome Jeff's cheap clutch choice and less-than-perfect driving skills to still accomplish his elapsed time goals with a little room to spare.

At the last minute a deal fell into his lap that he could not pass up. A friend of his wanted to trade him straight up ETS 5857 journal bearing turbo kit for his FP black bolt on Turbo. Trying to curb his excitement he traded turbos and off to the Dynojet we went. With some more testing and tuning completed by Pro ECU tuner Scott Davis his power goals were easily met and Peaked at 572 wheel horsepower with 474tq on the little stock motor that could.

Jeff's future plans are to take the car back to Orlando speed world and try to accomplish his elapsed time goals as soon as the air dries out and temps drop below the 80 to 90 weather we've been experiencing this freezing tropical winter land we call Florida.