Sean is a hands on kind of guy and has learned from his experience along the way. This is not his first Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Its one of a handful he has bought, broken, fixed, broken again, fixed and sold, only to start the process over again with yet another Evo after the memories of the pain and suffering of all that work were forgotten. This time around he got a decent combination of parts put together to insure he would dominate the streets of central Florida.

Sean started with a 9.0:1 a forged CP piston set mated to Manley Turbo-Tuff I beam rods, ACL bearings, balance shafts removed on a factory headgasket. Clamping the MIVEC head to the block was ARP headstuds. The head was outfitted with Supertech springs and retainers with Kelford 272 camshafts, which have been proven to 800hp+. The head received a 3 angle valve job and decking before it was all bolted together. Fueling was provided by a FullBlown Twin pump system with secondary walbro pump wired to a pressure switch so when demand was needed, the fuel volume would be there. The fuel flowed through 1650cc low impedence injectors into a Magnus sheetmetal intake.

From the front of the car, if you knew what you were looking for, you would notice the ETS 4" FMIC and Precision 6262 dual ball bearing turbocharger front facing out of where the a/c condenser used to be. Schedule 10 piping out of the head was used to build a heavy duty single scroll T3 manifold, courtesy of Full Race. The single 44mm Tial Wastegate was in charge of regulating turbine exhaust pressure to the externally dumped wastegate tube while ECU controlled boost by master tuner Scott Davis was aided with the help of a GReddy Mac valve borrowed from the formerly used GReddy E01. A boost controller which was replaced in favor of factory ECU controlled boost.

With the tuning underway by Scott@TTP, the two liters of standard bore fury were unleashed with powerful boost levels on alternative ethanol fueling. With TephraMods V7 bigmaps, on 5bar map sensor speed density and ecu controlled boost with safeguards in place, Sean knew he was receiving the best ECU technology available at the time of his tuning session. The car was taken up to 90% of his injector capacity on E85 @ 36psi before it was clear that he needed to ventilate his crankcase pressure out of the valve cover. With the high boost and larger PTW clearances / ring gaps on a high boost race engine, its even more critical that crankcase gases have an adequate exit path from the valve cover. In stock form these gases are sucked out of the valve cover from the intake system, but in Sean's case, with a front facing turbo, there was no intake. So we left him with instructions to use -10 lines to a breather can to clear up the pressure under the pistons.

With peak boost settling to 36.5psi @ 7000rpms, Sean's IX made peak power at 7000rpms with just a little room to spare on the fuel injectors. With his twin disc Tilton clutch holding all the power and torque, the Evo IX was able to hold a ass planting 493ft-lbs of torque while the 4g63 ramped up to 655whp at 7000rpms with power still climbing until the crankcase pressure built up too high. Once Sean ventilates the valve cover properly and decides to step it up a little more on the boost, we are certain that he should be able to eclipse the 700whp mark. Stay tuned!