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Thread: Mr. Clean's FP Red boasts an extra +100whp over 93 octane with Scott at TTP's Tuning!

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    Mr. Clean's FP Red boasts an extra +100whp over 93 octane with Scott at TTP's Tuning!

    Mr. Clean has been enjoying the driveability and reliability of his 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR SSL since a year or so ago when he last called on our services to help him get back on his feet again. He had an unfortunate series of events happen prior to working with us, costing him a lot of money in broken forged and fully built engine parts due to a less than competent tune elsewhere.

    Fast forward to today. Mr. Clean still loves his tune from TTP Engineering even a year or so later, his MAF sensor equipped pumpgas 93 octane tune on stock block is still flawlessly cranking out 400+whp without a hiccup. Amazingly, knowing our customer well, we are very surprised he chose to wait so long before taking the Evo up another notch with another dose of horsepower and torque.

    From the photo above, its easy to see how Mr. Clean gets his nickname. For Pro ECU Tuner Scott Davis of TTP Engineering in Orlando, FL he is a great customer. Obsessive compulsive cleaner, check lister and base coverer . For a Pro Tuner, this means that most certainly this kind of client will make sure that the car has good condition plugs, fresh engine oil, no oil leaks, all couplers will be tight, all vacuum hoses zip tied, dipstick secured, you know... Like a boyscout, always prepared. Makes a tuner able to focus on the task at hand and not chasing down mechanical issues the client has brought in and dumped on him.

    This newest stage of modifications consisted of a FullBlown 340lph in tank fuel pump, TTP Ethamax 1250cc fuel injectors, 4bar OMNIPower manifold absolute pressure sensor and custom speed density tuning on pump gas 93 octane as well as E85 ethanol. The pre-existing modifications consisted of a FP Red turbo, AMS front mount intercooler, 2.75" alum upper intercooler pipe, ported intake manifold, Tial Q blow off valve, ported cylinder head, Kelford 272 camshafts, Supertech valve springs, custom intake, Tanabe exhaust system and modified Invidia O2 housing. To connect the power from the flywheel to the transmission, a ACT XT-G6 singledisc clutch was used.

    With the new parts installed, speed density tuning began on the 1250cc injectors and high pressure fuel pump. With little 93 octane fuel left in the tank, Scott at TTP optimized an effective ECU map for the first map option, landing a conservative pumpgas tune in the low 400whp range which we knew it would do going into the process. With the tank running on fumes, we moved onto what we came here to do and filled up the tank on E85 ethanol alternative fuel.

    Moving onto the secondary mapping for the car which Mr. Clean can now switch with a flip of his intercooler sprayer button, Scott Davis carefully recalibrated the injectors for the new fuel. E85 which contains less energy than gasoline, requires 25-30% more fuel volume than gasoline to power the engine. With the injectors and latency scaled, the ethanol mapping was further custom tailored to suit a 27-30psi peak boost range, which with careful ECU mapping was able to boost power and torque figures to 501whp/432tq on the little stock motor that could!

    The client has worked hard to pay off their prize possession and if his takes his time enjoying his new found power, we won't blame him. He has a selection of parts and tuning that "works" at the moment for him, however when he decides he is ready to step it up to the next level, rest be assured - we will be ready for him. Stay Tuned!
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    Re: Mr. Clean's FP Red boasts an extra +100whp over 93 octane with Scott at TTP's Tun

    Thank you for the Mr. Clean name, Scott.

    Thanks for allways taking care of my car and my needs, and for also selling me the parts at a great price.

    Here is a new picture of the bay with the MAF meter taken out.

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