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Thread: From methanol to ethanol, Bradley's 500whp@1.00CF uncorrected 130mph+ beast!

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    From methanol to ethanol, Bradley's 500whp@1.00CF uncorrected 130mph+ beast!

    Bradley has been on board with us for a number of years. He bought his car used with a few bolt ons in 2006. From then to now, we have got him set up with what amounts to our stage IV package consisting of 3" turbo back exhaust, INJEN intake system with upper and lower pipes, TurboXS 3.5" FMIC, Forge Evo15 billet BOV, TTP tubular O2 housing, IX turbo, GSC 280/280 cams, ARP headstuds, Fidanza adjustible cam gears, ACT HDTTP clutch and TTP Recon FW, TTP methanol injection system with full zeitronix wideband system. This combination of parts netted him about 416whp on 34psi boost tapering on the stock turbo.

    Bradley decided it was time to change things up as he was ready for the next step so he employed us to swap out his turbo and have it upgraded to the FPRed 64mm cover. We also swapped GSC cams in favor for Kelford TX272 with higher lift. Being that his lovely wife drives the car too we made an executive decision to swap out the meth injection in favor for E85 ethanol so that there was no longer a need to constantly check the methanol tank and insure it was at a suitable level before taking the car on a trip.

    To make this possible we swapped out his stock 560cc injectors in favor of our TTP Ethamax 1250cc e85 injectors as ethanol, however cheaper than gasoline per gallon contains less energy than dino fuel and requires about 20-30% more volume of fuel. With a larger fuel volume required and only so much fuel able to be supplied by the single in tank walbro pump, we installed our inline twin pump system in the car which would insure that the greater airflow of the FPRed, coupled with higher fuel pressure and volume requirements could be met by the further upgraded fuel supply system.

    Being only one ethanol station in our city, we needed a way to allow for a dual fuel use system whereas if E85 could not be located or reached before empty, that standard 93 octane could be used also. Thanks to advances in stock ECU technology by David Shirley and his TephraMods we were able to achieve this dual map V7 goal with not only multiple fuels, but the resolution of BigMaps which is such a great way to insure that these high HP Evo's perform exactly as we program them to, regardless of load or high boost levels. With the addition of a switch, we set up an indicator lamp for ethanol use in none other than green illumination

    With the support system set up and the turbo installed, we got to work remapping the enormous BigMaps resolution. It is well worth the work and cannot emphasize enough how much I love them as a Pro tuner. Once injectors were scaled, injector deadtime was set up, then we moved onto tuning the 93 octane maps. At 30-32psi on 93 octane the car put down a superb 430.6whp/420tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected. The car felt as if it would take even more boost, however we decided to leave it be.

    Once we decided to call it on the 93, we moved onto Altmaps 1 and entered our alternate injector scaling for E85. Because ethanol takes more fuel to achieve stoichiometric AFR, we had to tell the ECU that the injectors we 20-30% smaller than on gasoline so that the short term fuel trims would be within 0-5% target. With that completed, we remapped fueling and ignition timing suitable for Ethanol use and moved upward with the boost until we reached our customer goal of 500whp/478tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected @ 36.8psi peak tapering to 28-29psi. Based on another car full weight with 10whp less than this one we believe the car will trap about 131-132mph in the quarter mile.

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    Re: From methanol to ethanol, Bradley's 500whp@1.00CF uncorrected 130mph+ beast!

    Nice job. Bradley said he can't wait to get his car back on the road. Nice to see TTP fixed him up real nice.
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