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Thread: Marshon's 500whp+, stock 4g63 HKS 7460R ball bearing E85 beast tuned by Scott at TTP!

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    Marshon's 500whp+, stock 4g63 HKS 7460R ball bearing E85 beast tuned by Scott at TTP!

    Marshon a.k.a. "Robocop" is one of our growing list of Hoo-Rah armed forced clientele. After taking tour after tour in the sandboxes of the world, every soldier deserves to have something to look forward to back here in the states. For Shon, its his 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR 5sp. AKA "Ladyblue" came to TTP Engineering in Orlando Florida all the way from Maryland looking for a competent shop to take care of her. She found here place here under our care and we appreciate working with her as she appreciates being taken care of.

    Shon's been an enthusiast for some time now and it shows in the way he has taken care of the car. I don't remember ever seeing such a shiny bluebyyou color since they were showroom new in 2003. His attention to detail shows in the way he has outfitted and cared for LadyBlue. Each time he visits us for upgrades and/or tuning services I swear its rolling on a new set of wheels and tires. Haha.

    Shon's list of modifications consist of a Double Pumper fuel supply, Precision 1000cc fuel injectors, INJEN Intake kit with upper pipes kit, 4" Inch Garrett Race Core FMIC, Ported 65mm throttle body, Ported & Polished intake manifold, AFI Tubular Header, (HKS GTII 7460R), tubular O2 housing, Megan Racing Downpipe, Megan Racing Cat Delete Pipe, HKS Carbon TI catbackm exhaust system. Shon also opted for a CNC Ported Head w/ 1mm oversized valves, Kelford 272 w/ Fidanza Cam Gears, Supertech Dual Springs & TI Retainers Kit and NGK BPR8ES spark plugs. Before coming to us, he had installed Eagle
    H-Beam connecting rods with AMS Ross 9.0:1 pistons w/ ACL Racing Bearings of the 85mm variety. Rounding out the mods were Ralliart Spark Plug Cables, CBRD Aluminum Race Radiator, HKS SSQV BOV, BR catch can system.

    While tuning his original FP Red turbo, we noticed that spoolup was much slower than normal which prompted us to further test the car to determine the problem. Upon investigating a few areas of the car we made the determination that the FPRed developed axial play (journal bearing wear) and had it mailed into Forced Performance for repair. The HKS 7460R was the hot topic at the time and through research Shon decided on this new ball bearing offering from HKS. Ball bearing offers better reliability and faster spoolup than the FP line of stock frame turbos which utilize journal bearings which wear out and fail often as did in his own case.

    With the HKS 7460R bolted in and TephraMods V7 with map switching, high resolution mapping and many other features loaded up by master tuner Scott Davis, we offered up the 3 port boost solenoid option to Shon as a recommendation to improve both boost response as well as deter boost dropoff at upper RPMs. He agreed and off we went tuning on the Dynojet 424x chassis dyno. Before long we had the twin walbros and PTE 1000cc injectors maxed out at 101% injector duty cycle as pictured above but not a moment before eclipsing the 500whp mark on VDR. The DJ424x reading was jumbled so we opted to use the VDR numbers which mathematically support the figures based on E85 and 1000cc injectors on twin walbros at 101% IDC.

    Shon is currently enjoying the power levels as he is getting the cosmetics of his Evo upgraded with powdercoated bits. Our next stage of upgrades will employ speed density tuning by Scott Davis on E85 with new 44psi map sensor as well as a possible upgrade to EF4 or ATP's new GTX series twinscroll, stock exhaust manifold mating turbo lineup. Stay Tuned!
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    Re: Marshon's 500whp+, stock 4g63 HKS 7460R ball bearing E85 beast tuned by Scott at

    This evo is super clean!!!! Congrats on the new numbers!

    Like always TTP doing great work!

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