Kyle came to find TTP Engineering through word of mouth and experiencing his own first hand experiences with some of our many raving fans in his hometown of Pensacola, FL. Like many other customers of ours, Kyle wanted only the best to custom program his ECU so the 6-8 hour drive was well worth his time investment. With TTP Engineering's new business model structure we are now able to facilitate tuning and consulting in other cities as we used to back in 2005 when we started. Kyle took advantage of our new model and we were able to catch him at one of our Georgia tuning facilities, saving him some driving time over our Orlando, FL location.

Kyle's Evo IX was outfitted with a turbo-back exhaust system, walbro in tank fuel pump upgrade, ETS FMIC and ETS intercooler pipes set in brushed steel finish. Utilizing the stock Evo IX Td05h-16g turbo, he chose an ETS intake to insure a free flowing system offering excellent air filtration to keep foreign debris from entering the engine. To preserve driveability at his performance levels, Kyle opted to retain his stock IX metal blow off valve that in our opinion works perfectly fine for his application. Controlling boost was the responsibility of a Hallman Pro under hood manual boost controller.

With the Evo IX strapped to the rollers, Scott Davis was able to carefully extract optimum power and torque levels while improving driveability and efficiency. Using Tephramods V7 bigmaps to improve ECU resolution, helped insure that Kyle receive the most advanced intellectual ECU programming available with the most up to date features available. Using V7 style mapping on the ECU, maximum power and torque while offering the utmost in safety could be accomplished at the controls of Scott@TTP.

Starting the pulls in the 300whp range on the Dynojet 424x, it was not long before the custom tuning session was complete and Kyle had a whole new vehicle again to enjoy on his long trip home. By the end of the tuning session, the '06 Evo IX laid down a respectable 357whp and 347tq on mere pumpgas 93 octane. Needless to say, another raving fan was created by the end of the day and Kyle is considering either a turbo upgrade or move to ethanol alternative fuel as his next step. Stay Tuned!