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Thread: Jose's TTP 2.0L M.S. Racing Engine, FP Red turbo on 93 tuned by Scott at TTP!

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    Jose's TTP 2.0L M.S. Racing Engine, FP Red turbo on 93 tuned by Scott at TTP!

    Jose is yet another one of our Armed Forces customer base which we have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. Currently deployed in Iraq, Jose tries to keep his head down and his spirits up. One of the things that keep him motivated is the fact that his rally red Evo VIII is in our care with big plans ahead of his impending return from deployment. For many overseas, keeping their eye on something that makes them happy helps them pass the time until the next stateside R&R break.

    Before the latest deployment, Jose gave us a cut sheet of what he wanted to accomplish with his car. Some of those details included a TTP M.S. Racing engine of the 2.0L displacement variety using only the finest in high quality and strength components. With the new racing engine from us, he wanted a turbo that would keep up with the performance of the engine. He selected a Forced Performance Red Turbo for these duties. With more air, requires more fuel, so we opted for TTP Ethamax 1250cc fuel injectors and single walbro in tank fuel pump. While we had it all apart, the clutch was in need of some attention so we selected a unit with performance in mind that was still able to be driven nicely on the street and without breaking the bank. The ACT HD-TTP single disc clutch unit served as a great choice for this application and its 550tq holding capacity would be put to good use so it was added to the build. Some of the other mods Jose had us complete was a set of custom TTP Spec D2 coilovers, Kelford 8-TX272 camshafts and an ETS 4" FMIC.

    Jose also complained that his 2003 transmission would grind gears in 3rd and 5th gear so he asked us to perform our TTP Transmission Rebuild service. More information about this service can be found here: TTP Transmission Rebuild Service

    With the turbo and engine able to flow much more efficiently at high CFMs, Jose requested the porting of his exhaust manifold. Out came the carbide porting bits and high speed pneumatics to do work, improving the gas flow and volume of his exhaust manifold before reaching the twin scroll turbo inlets.

    Once the porting was complete, we put a few coats of extreme high temp coating on the manifold to prohibit rust and installed the turbo, tubular o2 housing and wastegate all as one complete unit.

    The FP Red turbo was primed before installation and wastegate pre-load set by the TTP technicians so that when it came time to begin tuning the Evo, there would be no need to fiddle around trying to adjust a 500*F wastegate. Do it right, do it once are words we work according to.

    With the 700-1000 break in miles completed on conventional oil, it was time to step up to the FP Approved line of oils containing synthetic formulas with high phosphorous and zinc to protect the turbo and engine from wear. FP now requires special oil be used in order for them to honor any warranty on their journal bearing turbos.

    Once the good stuff was swapped out for the dino-oil, master tuner Scott Davis got to work on the TephraMods V7 mapping complete with 3port ECU controlled boost for precise control over spoolup, deterring boost taper at upper rpms as well as add additional safeguards to drop boost to wastegate pressure in case of a problem. With the new race engine dialed in with the turbo, injectors, FMIC and Kelford cams, the 93 octane tune reached a respectable 423whp with 375tq.

    When Jose gets a few miles under his belt, his next steps are to max out the FP Red on E85 ethanol fuel to 500whp+ and then explore larger turbo options. Stay Tuned for the latest details on this sick ride!
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    Re: Jose's TTP 2.0L M.S. Racing Engine, FP Red turbo on 93 tuned by Scott at TTP!

    Congrats Jose!

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