Jonathan who was unhappy with his current state of tuning elsewhere knew he had a great set of parts put together and there was no excuse for why he had to settle for less than the best with his state of tune. Armed with a high mileage 2003 Lancer Evolution, Jonathan knew that if the car was tuned well, then it would last. That is why he chose TTP Engineering in Orlando, Florida to cure all of his issues suffered by poor tuning elsewhere.

Carefully chosen were his Forced Performance black turbocharger JB, 1450 cc injectors, custom intake with no MAF, custom 3 1/4 inch intake and filter, custom intercooler piping with Tial vent to atmosphere blow off valve, Kelford cams, Omni power 4 bar map sensor, tubular 02 housing, and full 3 inch exhaust.

Added to the mix was of course professional ECU tuning by Scott Davis which included cutting edge features such as Tephramods V7, speed density tuning, ECU controlled and gear dependent boost contro as well as safety features such as knocksum boost cut and active boost targeting. Coming in unhappy, Jonathan sure changed his tune once the dyno tuning began. We worked diligently to fix anything that ailed his car as he came in, tuning for both power and torque while keeping reliability of this high mileage motor at the forefront of our minds. needless to say our friend Jonathan was very happy with his results as with the same modifications we were able to extract over 45 hp over the prior tuner while maintaining reliability and conservative air fuel ratios.

The final numbers on 93 octane work 430 wheel horsepower with 385 torque to the wheels.

This project ended up being a win for everyone. We are unsure what lies in the future for this yellow beast but we will be available should he need to call upon our services again. To be continued...