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Thread: Johnny Turbo's next stage of performance upgrades and tuning!

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    Johnny Turbo's next stage of performance upgrades and tuning!

    Johnny brought us his 100k+ Lancer Evolution this week to take his mild ride to a more wild setup and step it up a few notches. Outfitted with a shadetree press bent turbo back exhaust, Fujita intake and custom tune on stock cams, his current performance level left much to be desired. He consulted with us to improve the performance of his car without compromising reliability.

    We decided on upgrading the stock camshafts to Kelford TX272 units to help the engine breathe. With the extra airflow in and out of the engine, we needed to cool the pressurized intake charge air. We did so through a TurboXS 3.5" thick bar and plate fron mounted intercooler. Fueling was supplied via an upgraded in tank walbro GSS342 fuel pump. We did away with the stock boost control solenoid in favor of a much more precise FORGE UNOS manual boost controller. Once the air was pumped through the turbo, cooled by the intercooler, pushed into and out of the cylinder head via the Kelford Camshafts, the exhaust was expelled through a new Megan Racing tubular exhaust manifold before exiting out of the exhaust.

    With the last custom tune still on file at 274whp/265tq on stock boost control solenoid and stock camshafts, it was easy to see the tremendous gains from the new parts and tuning which netted 337whp/310tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected.
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