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Thread: Jayson's TTP tuned Evo IX MR with V7 mapping and 3 port ECU boost control!

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    Jayson's TTP tuned Evo IX MR with V7 mapping and 3 port ECU boost control!

    Jayson came to us with his 2006 Evo IX MR with 147 questions on his first trip to TTP-Engineering in Orlando, FL. He left a little richer in knowledge and about just as rich in funds because he was on an information gathering expedition only. Some of his complaints with his new car was that it felt sluggish after the addition of a Dejon Tool intake cone and upper intercooler pipe.

    Naturally we explained to him that with the smallish cone filters, the noise level goes up and the karman vortex mass airflow meter which measures karman vortices (little spirals of airflow) also goes up which in turn is interpreted by the ECU as additional airflow. Much of the time, it is more additional noise than actual airflow so what happens is that this virtual airflow has the ECU call up higher load cells with richer fueling programmed along with lower ignition timing, which are both recipe's for a potential if not assured loss in whp without proper tuning.

    There is not a lot that you can do to the the Evo without requiring a retune of the engine control unit. Intakes, fuel injectors, camshafts, fuel pressure changes, fuel pump changes should all have the tuning reviewed after changes are made to optimize efficiency and performance of the engine.

    Speaking of efficiency, we did something out of the ordinary with Jayson's car today. Adamant about wanting a GReddy Profec B Spec II, but a little short on cash, we came up with some ideas. One of Jayson's objectives was to have a fuel saving mode and a kill mode with the car. Normally reserved for more complex setups such as alternative fuels or aggressive racing maps the TephraMods V7 mapping complete with JOT map switching toggle switch and LED was installed and integrated into the stock ECU with David Shirley's intellectual work. With the integration complete, we tuned for a low boost map on pump 93, despite his mild mods to the tune of 260whp/240tq @ 1.00CF % uncorrected with 12-14psi. Then we proceeded to tune the 93 octane alternate map for spirited driving at 25psi tapering down to 18-20psi as anymore boost at high rpms was running the stock fuel pump out of adequate flow and pressure to support less boost taper. His higher boost map netted 317whp/295tq @ 1.00CF % uncorrected on the Mustang Dyno AWD-500.

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