Eli bought his pre-modified Lancer Evolution minutes outside of AMS Performance in Chicago, IL. Somehow even being so close to a reputable automotive performance shop, his pride and joy was unable to meet his performance objectives. When Eli gave us a call at our Orlando, FL facility, he stated that his Evo was in need of some TLC, mainly in the ECU reflash programming department.

Some of Eli's complaints were the stalling of his engine at traffic lights and stop signs, his poor gas mileage of 16-17mpg, and his overall performance was lacking in the seat of the pants department. With a brief question and answer session with Eli we determined that we could definitely help him out in many aspects of the vehicles performance deficiencies.

Upon meeting Eli it was determined that his vent to atmosphere Tial blowoff valve was causing him a lot of problems on a maf equipped car. Coupled with a poor idle and poorly tuned vehicle it wasn't long before Scott Davis began to work his magic on the ECU. A few Dyno pulls into the tuning session with the idle adjusted in the reprogramming of the engine control unit complete the vehicle gained incredible 56 horsepower to the wheels as well as some massive torque. Needless to say Eli became a customer for life and enjoyed his new found miles per gallon efficiency. He also reaped the benefits of the high performance, better driving car with much more power at his disposal.