Derrick showed up on our doorstep this morning waiting for the facility to open. Another one of our armed forces customers stationed in GA, he received word that he had some leave time so decided on a whim to take the roadtrip down to FL and have us go to work for him.

Derrick brought with him a Perrin intake to have installed and employed us to add a Forge UNOS manual boost controller on his car so we could precisely control the boost level while tuning and being that he was being transferred to Taiwan and may decide to take his Evo with him, he would be able to adjust the boost level according to the octane fuel level available in that country.

We had Derrick's new parts installed quickly and onto the dyno we went. With the stock Evo IX tune in conjuncton with the turbo-back exhaust system, Perrin intake, Forge Unos MBC, ETS licp installed, the Evo IX put down 288whp/251tq @ 1.00%CF uncorrected.

Once we were onto remapping the ECU and customizing it for its new modifications, we were able to extract much more power and tq to the tune of 342whp/342tq @ 1.00CF% uncorrected, a solid dyno graph with equal torque and horsepower. With these big gains, Derrick should see himself in the 12.00-12.20 E.T. range at 113+mph.