Cuco has entrusted in TTP Engineering's knowledge and experience over the past few years to apply their mechanical and tuning ability to the benefit of his 2003 Lancer Evolution GSR. in the past Cuco was always a fan of leaded race fuel however over the course of the last year has finally decided to make the switch over to e85 ethanol fuel for its octane benefits, cooling properties and of course there's always the benefit of fuel pricing at the $2.45/gal mark. Unfortunately for Cuco living in the Tampa Florida region this leaves ethanol stations few and far between. But for the diehard racer they will travel any reasonable distance to get the good stuff.

Cuco has had quite the experience over the past two years from the stock turbo to the FP Red to the FP Black then back to the FP Red again where he's finally settled back down on what turbo works the best for his driving style and goals. With his torque peak on demand as low as 3500 rpms and the whp to deliver high rpm performance Cuco found the FP Red to be just what the doctor ordered in his fiending for maximum street performance.

Employing the Forced Performance Red turbocharger as well as a reworked head ported with aftermarket valves and ported intake manifold this Evo VIII came ready to bring it on Dyno day. Equipped with tuning by Pro Tuner Scott Davis's ECU controlled boost, speed density, TEPHRA mods, big maps, launch control, dual map switching, and TTP's own twin serial fuel pump system, Scott had his work cut out for him. Nevertheless when it came down to meeting the customers needs and goals Scott put forth his best effort and the results were an amazing 546 wheel horsepower with 468 torque which exceeded the power and tq numbers from many of the larger FP black turbochargers we have seen.

Needless to say if the customer was very happy with the results and is now back to laying down the smack on the streets of Tampa Bay Florida.

We don't yet know what Cuco's next steps will be with the car but if we know anything about him we know that he will go big or go home.