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Thread: Connely's 05 Stock turbo finally gets Pro-Tuned by Scott Davis @ TTP Engineering!

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    Connely's 05 Stock turbo finally gets Pro-Tuned by Scott Davis @ TTP Engineering!

    As we have posted recently in another part of this forum, we have been traveling a lot lately serving many markets throughout the Southeast USA offering both our expertise in the Lancer Evolution platform as well as our expert ECU tuning services. One familiar face that we always seem to run into while tuning in the Atlanta region is Mr. Connelly, whose 2005 Lancer Evolution is seen in the above referenced picture.

    Mr. Connelly likely caught the high-performance import bug from his cousin recently tuned by Scott Davis at TTP-Engineering, LLC. His cousin drives in STi powered 2002 Subaru Legacy GT mildly modded with ECU controlled electronic boost control. Mr. Connelly was able to see the results of his cousins Subaru and decided when it was time to finally acquire a Lancer Evolution of his own, then he would call on us to optimize the performance of his Evo. It probably helped a little bit that he also always seems to be around, no matter who is being tuned and at what shop or facility they are being tuned at. I am sure after seeing countless Evolution having the performance doubled, tripled and near quadrupled over factory levels by Scott@TTP, that am sure it was a contributing factor when deciding who to entrust his own personal Evo with when it came time to reprogram his ECU for optimum performance.

    Mr. Connelly's 58,000 mile old Evolution came to us with a few modifications already installed. From what we could see, the car already employed a Marc Hallman manual boost controller. The intercooler piping was all aluminum with a 2.5 inch lower intercooler pipe running into a 4 inch bar and plate front mounted intercooler. Out of the intercooler the Turbo boost ran into 3 inch upper intercooler pipes all the wayto the throttle body. We noticed a Tial 50 mm recirculating blowoff valve recirculated back into the aluminum intake pipe and custom intake filter. The exhaust consisted of a 3 inch Turbo-back exhaust system of stainless steel 304.

    Now onto the ECU. A quick pull of the existing ECU mapping showed that this vehicle had been equipped with a TephraMods V7 updated map within the ECU, but outside of a stock V7 map, no tuning had actually ever been done on it , which was a waste of effort. Scott Davis quickly loaded one of his thousands of Dyno Tuned and proven base maps developed over the course of ever-changing and ongoing development over the last seven years. With a good foundation laid for the current modifications, Scott was able to fine tune and further custom tailor the ECU mapping for Mr. Connelly's individual car and exact customization that had been done to it.

    After few dyno pulls and some mapping revisions, this 2005. Lancer Evolution sprung to life with a respectable 319 wheel horsepower with 324 foot-pounds of torque to the wheels. Mr. Connelly is an up and coming TIG welder and fabricator hobbyist so it would not surprise me if one of his next calls to us was to let us know that he needed to tune a new turbo kit he had created for himself, but until then we will stay tuned for his updates...
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