Anarchy99 has been upgrading his 2004 Lancer Evolution since be bought it last year. Along the way we have taken it from a modest build to wild. Starting with the stock IX turbo as an upgrade to the 04 9.8cm2 hotside equipped Evo 8 turbo, he has progressively wanted more and more power.

Last we left off with him he was on Kelford 272 cams, Aquamist HFS-1 on 720cc injectors, 100% meth content, FP Red 80mm cover, ported exhaust manifold to Megan Racing O2 housing, 3" TBE and HDTTP singledisc clutch. When a throwout bearing failed on him close to a year later, he opted to have one of our TTP-Engineering Stage II racing transmissions installed as well as upgrading the turbo from the Red to the ETS 35R HTA86 turbo in ball bearing configuration.

With the pump gas tuning done on the dyno and commencing the Tephramods V7 bigmaps with altmap 2 on methanol we began tuning the meth map as he ran out of fuel on the 720cc injectors quickly with the large compressor. Thanks to David Shirley (aka tephra) with a flip of the OEM FMIC sprayer button he was on map 2 for meth injection and high boost. Unfortunately our tuning session was cut short when we noticed oil leaking out of the frontcase. Upon tearing down the front of the engine on the lift we found that Anarchy99 was a helluva lucky fellow as we caught his failing oil pump which would have seized his engine had he been driving it on the road. Taking down the oil pan found NO EVIDENCE of any bearing trouble as we caught it in the nick of time saving the engine.

With a new frontcase installed with oil pump, he was back in business. We reconvened his tuning session and finished maxing the soft spring on the Forge UNOS at 33psi tapering to 30psi at 8000rpm. At 551whp @ 1.00% CF we believed for his sake, that should be adequate performance for the stock block without the added risk of issues down the line by exceeding this level of performance.