AJ was no stranger to TTP-Engineering. Back in 2007, AJ bought his 2006 Lancer Evo MR and wanted to get the best performance for the money for it. He found us at TTP-Engineering and has been with us ever since.

When AJ originally came to us we set him up with some staged upgrades for his new 4g63 turbocharged Evo. Some of the parts we employed in his build were the INJEN intake kit with upper and lower IC pipes, Invidia turbo-back exhaust, Megan Racing O2 housing, ARP headstuds, Cosworth M2 272 camshafts, Walbro 255lph in tank fuel pump and Forge unos manual boost controller.

Before TTP was where they are today, we relied on real world closed course street tuning. Not done on a public roadway. Back in 2007 we custom tuned AJ on his current modifications. Over the years he attended a dyno shootout at a competing Mustang Dyno AWD-500 where he laid down 342whp.

Fast forward to this week and AJ's Evo IX is still running like a champ. With no changes to his tune from 2007, the car laid down a consistant 342whp/337tq.

With updates to his tune, we were able to extract a bit more out of it and get him to 363whp/372tq, a difference he could definitely feel!