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Thread: More Buschur Racing failures... 3 bad engines in 4000 miles! Costs thou$ands!!

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    More Buschur Racing failures... 3 bad engines in 4000 miles! Costs thou$ands!!

    My Buschur Racing experience, 3 engines in 4,000 miles - evolutionm.net

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Sierra
    My Buschur Racing experience, 3 engines in 4,000 miles
    In 2007 my stock motor let go on my 03 Evo 8, so I decided to go with Buschur and get one of his stage III short blocks. I also bought a stage III head, ported intake, throttle body and EM. In all I have spent well over $10,000 with Buschur Racing.

    I installed the engine and after approx 100 miles it ate the crank position sensor, I replaced it and shortly after that it completely seized up. I pulled the engine and found the oil pan was full of bearing material.

    I call Buschur and Nick has me send the engine back. Dave returns the “fixed” engine at his cost although I pay for shipping both ways, a new front cover, tensioner, oil cooler, gasket set, fluids, labor, etc. The “new” engine starts to do the same thing as the first engine. I call Buschur and tell him the problem. He proceeds to attack me. He starts throwing F bombs saying there in no F&%ing way that he did anything wrong and that I had to of screwed it up. I keep my cool and tell him and I don’t know what I could have possibly done. He asks me to drive the car there for evaluation. I tell him that there is no way it will make it. This comment infuriates him further, he continues to talk to down to me, essentially saying that I don’t what the f&%k I’m doing. Never once do I raise my voice or get upset with Buschur.

    I pay to have the car flat bedded to Wakeman OH to Buschur’s shop. He contacts me and says they found the problem and will replace the engine. He says his “hillbilly” machine shop screwed up the engine and says they will fix it again.

    I never got a straight answer on what exactly the problem was with the engine. Clearly Buschur was embarrassed as he had royally screwed up. But he would never admit it nor would he say what the problem was, nor did ever apologize for his poor performance. He only blamed his “hillbilly” machine shop. The only thing I could get from Buschur was that they used an Eagle aftermarket crank and either the crank was bad or the block wasn’t machined correctly as it would eat the thrust bearings in a matter of minutes. It appears that I was the guinea pig for the Eagle crank, as it had never been tried before. At this point Buschur has sent me the same engine twice with the exact same problem. Clearly Buschur did an extremely poor job doing a root cause analysis on what happened with the initial build. In my opinion he was probably upset that he was putting more time in an engine that he didn’t think failed due to him, so he did a half assed job a SECOND time and made the exact same mistake as he did before.

    I want to get out of this fiasco at this point as I have lost all confidence in Bushur, but I felt stuck as I was committed to Buschur at this point. Although I was upset I never once acted like it.

    He installs the third engine (the car has a total of about 150 miles since the fiasco started approx six months ago at this point) entirely at his cost. It’s a completely different block and crank, but I suspect he reused the rods and pistons. He calls me to tell me the car is done but before he puts it the dyno he asks if I have the right timing map in the AEM ECU. He said the timing map has way too much advance and asks if he should run it. I said I don’t know, I thought it was OK, but I’m not sure. It turns out the timing map was incorrect as I must have accidently modified it possibly when using the “compare” feature on AEM. Dave knows the timing map is bad by looking at it, but decides to make a full load pull using the bad ignition map on a freshly rebuilt engine with zero miles. I have the internal log from AEM showing it knocking over 4 volts on that pull. This is a good example of Dave’s attitude, arrogance, and lack of customer respect. Why would you purposely run a brand new engine with a knowingly bad ignition map? To spite a customer that you have just put through the ringer?

    Anyway he corrects the timing map and does a full pulls and the car is complete. He makes some other minor changes to AEM, one of which does not allow the car to start when I get home.

    I pay for a one way rental car to pick it up, again he tells me that the “hillbilly” machine shop screwed up and he was deducting all of his costs off his next payment(s) to the hillbilly.

    Everything seems OK at this point (except for an oil pan leak) and I’m not happy but glad the fiasco appears to be over. I drive the car a little the spring of 2007, take it to the track a few times, etc and then really don’t drive it until November of 2009.

    I use the car as my winter ride for the winter of 09, essentially using the same calibration as Buschur except for some timing reduction. In April of 2010 the car develops a ticking noise. It sounds like a lifter so I replace them, but that wasn’t the problem. The third engine completely fails again in April of 2010. The car has approx 4,000 miles since the installation of the third Bushur engine.

    I pull the engine in late 2010 to find out that one piston had completely split in half at the wrist pin hole. The piston takes out four valves when it let’s go. I send Buschur a picture of the piston and he admits that he had failures with that piston design and he has made several changes to the design. My guess is he makes a piston design change everytime there is a failure, so there have probably been several failures due to a marginal piston design other than mine. It sounds to me he is directly involved with the piston design as well. He tells me that he’ll fix the engine at his cost. I’m sure he doesn’t know who I am at this point.

    I sent him the third failed engine at my cost. Nick is handling it at this point, He sends me an invoice saying it’s going to be $2000.00 to fix it as it needs a new crank (the old has a small crack) new pistons and rings, sleeve one cylinder, new bearings, resize the rods, and assembly.

    I tell him I’m not paying another nickel with Buschur racing and to reconsider. I also told him that I don’t want to do it, but I will tell my story on Evom and get an attorney involved if I have to.

    Naturally I hear from Dave at this point. He says he will not be threatened and essentially tells me to go F&*k myself. He also indicated that it was “my” tune and insinuated that my tune caused the failure as I asked some “novice” questions about E85 tuning in 2007 on Evom. He also tells me if I “tarnish” his name on Evom that he’ll get his lawyer involved.

    The pistons showed no signs of detonation, so Dave is probably wrong again.

    I asked Dave again to fix it at his cost because it’s the right thing to do. Now he says I’ve insulted him and he will not fix it at all.

    I tell Nick to put the pieces in the container I supplied and I’ll arrange shipping to pick it up. Dave responds back and says I owe him money to inspect and package the engine. I told him I never authorized any work and will not be paying to inspect it. He is now holding the engine parts hostage unless I pay him $250.00 for the inspection.

    So that’s my story with Buschur Racing, and it’s the absolute truth. My recommendation to you all; Stay away from Buschur Racing.
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