This CC was just purchased new from the dealership lot. Of course the dealership got a hold of it and had to "wash" it before it was driven off the lot. The finish looked great from a distance, but under fluorescent lighting, the micro-marring jumped out at me. So I got the halogens out to see how bad it really was - and what a surprise. Originally I was just going to do a glaze and wax. But under the worst possible lighting (halogens) the marring looked worse than expected, so I decided on a one step final polish, then a glaze, followed by sealant, then wax. I am guessing that all the marring was created by the less than optimum washing/drying practices at the dealership. I started with the 106, and was happy with the results (80% - 85% correction).

Moral of the story: if you are particular about your vehicle's finish, tell the dealer not to wash the car you are going to buy. I should have known better!

Also, the metallic that VW used in the black paint is awesome, and really pops with the glaze and 1000p. This black is a great color! And no, the paint is not "purple", but it does have some pearl in it that changes with the lighting.


Meguiars Gold Class wash (2-bucket)
Leaf blower
Porter Cable
Lake Country CCS pads
Wet Glaze Gloss Enhancer (Obsessive Detail)
Poorboy's EX-P
FK1 1000p
Final wipedown with Aquawax

RainX on glass
FK1 1000p on wheels

Dirty car (but not really):

Shot of the scratches (micro-marring) from the dealership wash:

The entire car was covered with scratches like this:

Close up of 50/50 on left rear quarter panel after 1 pass of 106FF:

Same area (tape removed):


And another:

One more:

Left rear quarter panel finished polishing:

Left front door (before):

Left front door (after):

Left rear door finished:

Hood (before):

Hood (after):

All finished (polished, glazed, sealed, waxed):

Metallic POP! :

More POP:

Reflection shot:

Money shot: