Okay so I am in the process of getting my 2.4LR build done and I will have various things for sale now and as the build goes on. Prices DO NOT include shipping and are best offer.

EVO 9 Short Block $1250:

I would like to keep this as local as possible to start with as I do not want to pull apart the block, if you want to figure out shipping be my guest but it will be expensive and a pain. You will get a full short block with a newer front case as well. I pulled the motor thinking I had spun a rod bearing due to a weird noise, but after inspection the block is fine, all parts are in tact and in great condition. The block came out with 61k miles on the car.

MR BBS Wheels $600:

Again another local preferred sale, shipping will easily be $120. Wheels themselves are not in the best shape, have various knicks and such I would get them powder coated. They do come with almost new Hankook Ventus V12 tires.

Garrett GT3582R Turbo $1000:

Works perfect, made 491 wheel at 28psi with no shaft play!

Custom Intake for 35R or similar turbo $75:

Would be happy to work this into the deal with the turbo.

Ramhorn Manifold - T3 - 38mm Flange $800:

Needs a cleaning but awesome manifold, that has done me good.

Tial Sport Wastegate w/Dump Tube $180:

Works perfect, not sure who made the dump tube but looks nice and works fine.

Turbo XS 3inch Downpipe $100:

Has the typical indentation where it scrapped a little on the ground, otherwise in good condition.

Hallman HBC $65:

Has a couple scratches but worked perfectly fine, comes will all boost lines so ready for install.