Ha ha, I'm sure many of you are probably wondering why we've been so slow to update some of our dyno tuning review threads. The fact is that we have been traveling a lot over the past few months. Our new business model has allowed us to focus more closely on the root of our business which has always been custom ECU tuning. This is our bread and butter as well as our pride and joy.

We have recently taken on a number of roles as the on-call professional tuner for a number of various shops throughout the Southeast USA. This has allowed us to focus on the core of what we do and allow our niche skill set to benefit a number of speed shops throughout the USA. Being that many of the shops will bill the customer for custom tuning yet have us come in and do the actual work on the behalf is kind of awkward for us to review those cars with in the dyno results thread so until the time where were given permission by these very shops to do so you'll probably only read about a few items in many custom tuning jobs we do on our own clients.

Due to our unique business model in the amount of tuning that were doing throughout the Southeast, we will require all work to be done through appointment only. So anything that you've ever got done in the past from clutches to custom tuning or parts ordering and installations, please continue to call on us to have these things done for you. Just understand that we will be making appointments so that we can schedule convenient times for both you and us to get these things done according to a tight schedule. We thank you for your continued support and business and appreciate the opportunities to continue working with our present and future customers.